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Then - An Oral Memoir of a Writer's Life

Oct 22, 2018

In this episode, novelist Warren Adler tells the secrets of how his novel the, War of the Roses went from a dinner party conversation to a global phenomenon. He gives insights into how a novelist who thinks of himself as an artist can turn works of the mind into movies, tv shows, plays and musicals. He tells equally intriguing stories of several of his other works made it into the popular culture including Harrison Ford's Random Hearts movie and Linda Lavin's PBS Mini Series The Sunset Gang.
In this memoir podcast in a conversation with his son David Adler, Warren reveals his process and how he writes a minimum of five page a day but then rewrite everything. He also talks about how the outside life of a novelist is influenced by his family as they created Washington Dosier, a society magazine for the nation's Capital and how it opened up an entire new world as he accompanied his wife to events in Washington and talked to the spouses the powerful in Washington D.C.